From Trials to Triumph

Happy Spring 2013!!! In life there are so many things that just do not seem to go right or do not work out as planned. Life trials never schedule an appointment or give you notice. However, depending on the manner in which respond determines if the trial will lead you to triumph. Trials in the […]

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Purposeful, Prosperous, Productive, & Powerful

Happy New Year!!!!Here’s to you my readers a Purposeful, Prosperous, Productive, & Powerful 2013! It’s so amazing that from many walks of life individuals find the process of getting to that “Place” to be so inflexible. Sometimes the course of action seems as if we will never arrive to that “Place.” The reason I said […]

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Pressing Forward

Life’s circumstances can often leave us feeling empty, rejected, neglected, and deserted, but as long as there is life there is hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow. Hope for a fulfilled purpose. Hope to overcome every obstacle. Hope to give aid to someone else. Hope to Press Forward! Pressing forward is an act of putting […]

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Coming Summer 2024

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