As the year is ending, I just want to give you a few thoughts. First off, know your worth. Always believe in you and never settle for anything less than the best. The scripture declares in Psalms 139:14 …… I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and […]

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The Seasons of Life

The second quarter of this year is ending and the third quarter is knocking at our door, let us pause to assess the season of our lives. We acknowledge the four seasons that many observe. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all have a very distinct weather patterns. We see winter as a jagged time that […]

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Refocus, Reprioritize, Rejuvenate

As the 4th quarter of this year approaches, I completed an assessment of 2013. Before I plunged ahead to journal my goals for the remaining of the year, I was compelled to analyze these (3) R’s “Refocus, Reprioritize, and Rejuvenate. Allow me to share my thoughts about this: Sometimes I find myself working so hard […]

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Coming Summer 2024

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