The Seasons of Life

The Seasons of Life | Grassroots Consulting, Inc.

The second quarter of this year is ending and the third quarter is knocking at our door, let us pause to assess the season of our lives. We acknowledge the four seasons that many observe. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all have a very distinct weather patterns.

We see winter as a jagged time that causes things to become frozen, dreary, non­productive, or inactive. Winter often times paralyze normal activities. When winter comes in our lives, it can feel like things are inactive or non-productive, but we have to realize that there is an end to every season. The reorganization you have to make during wintertime will help you to learn how to cope with the season as well as how to appreciate the one that is right around the corner.

Springtime is when things begin to take root, flowers begin to blossom, the weather seems warmer but not too hot. One drawback to Spring is rain. Sometimes rain causes flooding and without the necessary protection, rain can leave much damage. Spring­time in our lives can resemble this same process. The very purpose and plan God has for our lives requires us to be rooted and grounded in Him. Like the flowers sprouting out so shall our lives birth forth into new horizons and new avenues. Be careful for the raining days, if you do not guard your destiny with a singleness of mind, when the rain come it may wash your dreams right away.

Summer is the season of hot and dry weather. In some areas of the globe, the tempera­ture starts wildfires, causes heat strokes, and if not handled properly it dries up every­thing around it. Summer in our lives can cause the very thing that we have worked for to become dried up and consumed. We must prepare for the drought. Pay it forward, when we are in our springtime, prepare for the summer. Lend a helping hand to others, and learn to enjoy the journey along the way.

Laissez faire is how we can view the fall season. This season is really allowing nature to take its natural course. It is one of the most beautiful seasons. The course of transition­ing to the hard winter season almost causes one to overlook what lies ahead. The fall season in our lives parallels this process. When you labor and birth your dreams into reality, you sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Watch out though, because “Old Man Winter” is right around the corner. Therefore, as things are developing and transitioning on their own be sure to prepare for winter.

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