Pressing Forward

Life’s circumstances can often leave us feeling empty, rejected, neglected, and deserted, but as long as there is life there is hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow. Hope for a fulfilled purpose. Hope to overcome every obstacle. Hope to give aid to someone else. Hope to Press Forward!

Pressing forward is an act of putting all of your vigor and valor towards your destiny. Oftentimes when we press forward it requires us to intentionally leave some people, things, and memories behind. Pressing forward is a will to live. A vow to say, “My past doesn’t dictate my future”. It is a declaration that says, “I am more than a conqueror.” A determination that says, “I will get through this and when (not if) I come out, I will be wiser, better, brighter, and whole.”
I encourage you to: Press Forward in the face of disappointment; Press Forward. In the face of despair; Press Forward in the face of uncertainty; Press Forward in the face of loss; Press Forward in the face of hopelessness.

Press Forward!!!!!!!!!!

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