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I am so excited about 2012. My theme for the year is “New Beginnings are Exciting” Life Challenges can be very complex, but we have to know that intricate situations can produce many things. I am convinced that there is rationale behind everything we go through in life. All experiences will have a significant impact on us if we allow ourselves to be nurtured through the process. I am constantly asking myself “what is the lesson to be learned from any situation”?

As I emerge myself with my 2012 theme “New Beginnings are
Exciting” I want to present you with four points and for the sake
of remembrance; we will name these key points D.A.T.A.
Dream Big: Allow your sincere desire and passion for
greatness to be your driving force. Whatever your dream is do
not stop until it becomes a reality. Write it down, plan it out,
try it out, and work it out. Dream Big!

Acquire Cutting Edge Information: If you want to stand out
from your competition, you have to dare to be different.
Anyone can make a burger, but it takes a special cook to make
the best burger. In layman terms you have to practice and
research to the highest degree the very thing you want to see
manifest. If you want your dream to come alive you have to
feed it, water it, nurture it, prune it, and ultimately become it.

Take Risk: Being a risk-taker allows you to take a snap shot of
the leap of faith you will need to accomplish new things,
expand existing things, develop small things, bury dead things,
and acquire greater things. Taking risk can be very
complicated and sometimes unsettling; however, the best way
to summarize it is to know nothing beats a failure, but a try.

Acknowledge & Access: Acknowledgement reflects accessing
what was successful and what needs to be adjusted. You have
to exert the tenacity to see it through until the desired
outcome is reached. Acknowledgement further gives light to
admit that all things may not feel or look good as we go
through the processes, but in the end something so beautiful
can be revealed.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of trial and suffering can
the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and
success achieved.
~ Helen Keller

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